About the LUMIPULSE G600II testing solution

Our customers appreciate the system's industry gold standard mean-time-between-failure of more than 1000 days1, its uninterrupted productivity, its simple operation and a promised constant throughput of 60 tests/h.

The Lumipulse G cartridge concept assures a cost efficient and transparent solution for adding specialty tests to your routine. There is no waste of on-board expired reagents, unlike bottle reagent systems. Our Lumipulse panels offer excellent precision reaching CV’s lower than 5% for most assays, proven in quality control schemes.

The LUMIPULSE G series customer experience is for routine and specialty biomarkers in a cartridge format. The product menu includes routine markers (thyroid, fertility, oncology, …) and specialty for neurodegeneration, tumor markers, infectious diseases, fertility and other disease fields.

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  1. As of December 20th, 2018

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The routine assay menu currently available in Europe is composed of already well-established and proven Lumipulse G methods and this is...